The state of Washington is where I call home, it’s where I’ve raised my children and built a life with my wonderful husband. It’s where I come back to after traveling abroad, even after seeing so much of the world, my home, Washington State is what means the world to me. It’s where I’ve established my career advocating for people who have been put in the hardest positions they could ever imagine, facing the worst financial disasters of their lives. My professional career and life long experience as a Washington native has given me an insight into the situation and the direction our state is headed. And I must say, I believe we are headed the wrong way. For too long, government has expanded its reach to effect so many of the areas of our lives creating real pain and hardship. The legislature in Olympia has made it harder for so many that I’ve known to make a living, raise their families and enjoy the peace of mind the comes from hard work and dedication to your life goals.

As Libertarians, we believe in each other and we believe in our fellow neighbors. Our values and our principles offer the most graceful opportunity to become leaders in society and in government. We know what’s possible in the presence of Liberty, and how strong we are individually. And I know how strong libertarians can be when they’re united in the cause of breaking down government barriers and getting our liberties back. Washington suffers from extremely unreasonable tax and spend policies, corporatism, extreme regulation, red tape and endless bureaucracy. Our home, our lives and our families are threatened by the authoritarian expansion of government overreach, we see the aftermath in homelessness, poverty, small business struggles, extreme taxation, record prison populations, high crime and more. These things bring a lot of pain to us, and they divide our communities. I believe libertarians offer the greatest chance at saving our home state, and providing the best future possible for everyone who lives here.

As a third party, all of you are aware of our struggles and frustrations. It’s hard to tackle all of the work to do when we don’t have the same resources as the establishment. When we don’t get the same breaks in the media, when things cost us more than our political rivals. The other parties have had generations to stack the deck in their favor, and we fight an uphill battle for every step forward we’re brave enough to take. I’ve had 3 campaigns and 5 years working for our party, and I believe the time is now to build our infrastructure and refine our capabilities so that our political fight becomes stronger and more successful than ever. Libertarians have the political thinking and policy minds to transform our state, and our country.

Libertarians will BE the change, it’s time to start winning. If you agree with me, I’m asking for your vote. Michelle Darnell for Libertarian Party of Washington State Party Chair.

BE the change,